How To Protect A New Carpet

As carpet is an expensive investment, you need to take care of it very carefully and you have many benefits of protecting your carpet. So before knowing how to protect you should read why you need to protect your carpet.

Why You Need To Protect Your Carpet

Some of the reasons for protecting your carpet are described below:

  • For getting longer life of the carpet

Abrasion is one of the major reasons for deterioration of your carpet and it generally occurs through the absorption of dry spills. These spills are removed through vacuuming.

  • Bad odour removal

Cleaning of carpet does not remove its bad odour and so carpet protection prevents the stains from penetrating deep into the carpet and removes all the bad odours.

  • Protects stains from spills

Carpet protectors help in the repelling of spills and soils and provide a water resistance which provides you more time to clean up that stain.

  • Increase the appearance of your carpet

As you know that carpet repels the stains and forms a protective shield and thus prevents your carpet from looking dirty instead of increasing its appearance.

  • Preserves new flooring

If you install a carpet protector in high traffic areas then not only does the carpet gets protected but also the flooring beneath the carpet remains in a very good condition for a very long time.

Ways To Prevent A New Carpet

There are many types of carpets available in the market and there are many different ways of protecting them. When you install a new carpet anywhere in your house, you choose the best one in colour, design and shape but you have no idea how to protect it in the same way as the new one. Thus, here are some ways of new carpet protection are explained so that you will get some idea so that you can apply it over your carpet and enjoy the brand newness of your carpet for many years:

  1. Keep Your Feet Clean

Even if your carpet is new and you place it away from high traffic areas, the also the dirt present in your feet can spoil the carpet then you should form strict rules for everyone to take off their shoes out of your house and you should place some doormats and tell them to wipe off their feet on them before going on the carpet. You can also place some flip flops inside the doors to use on carpets to prevent the contact of feet with the carpets.

  1. Use A Carpet Guard

You should be very selective while choosing your carpet guard and it must be of a good brand. You can use it regularly to spray on your carpet and make your carpet healthy. You have to first test it on the small section of carpet and then apply it to the whole of it. If it is not good then it affects the flooring beneath the carpet along with the carpet.

  1. Avoid High Traffic Areas

Generally, the stairs, the hallway, the living room and the front door are the high- traffic areas, then you should avoid the installation of carpets in these areas as carpet absorbs lots of filth coming from outside and through the various people who pass over it and loses its shine and appearance. Thus it is better to install them in bedrooms and living rooms sometimes.

  1. Often Vacuuming

Although you take a lot of precautions, even then some of the dust or soil enters your new carpet and makes it dirty. Then you may have a solution of regular vacuuming which removes all the crumbs, dirt and allergens and regains the shine and appearance of your carpet.

  1. Cleaning Of Every Stain And Spot ASAP

The best method to remove the stains and spots from your carpet is to remove it as soon as possible (ASAP), that is you can clean it at the time it occurs and can save it from reaching the bottom. For this, you have to blot it instead of rubbing it so that blotting soaks it and prevents it from reaching the bottom and then vacuuming it removes it permanently and thereby preventing it from becoming a hazardous mould.

  1. Get Help From Professionals

The above methods are all DIY methods and you can use them on your own and keep your carpet healthy, new and protected but for getting quality results and high standardised protection, you can take help from professionals. They are talented and trained individuals who know all the tiny tricks and advanced techniques to extend the life of your carpet and make its appearance new always.

How Often Should Your Carpet Be Protected With Protective Products?

As you are very concerned about your carpets because they are brand new and very costly and so in general you should apply carpet protection products to your carpet every 18-24 months. 

In high traffic areas, you should treat your carpet with protective products more frequently while you use these products with more gaps in low traffic areas.

All these given data are based on relevant experience and for knowing the perfect time periods for the protection you should take suggestions from certified companies.

Avail Carpet Protection Services At Your Doorstep

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